Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we will be closed until April 3, 2020

Frequently Asked Questions


1) Can I bring my own skates?

a) Yes. We allow personal quad and inline skates to be used at our facility. However, we do not permit any Heely’s/skate shoes.

2) Do I have to pay if I bring my own skates?

a) Yes. Everyone must pay admission. Rental skates, both quads and inlines, are available for an additional rental fee.

3) What if I am not skating? Do I still have to pay?

a) Yes. Everyone entering the building must pay regular admission, with the exception of parent spectators and infants.

4) How old does my child need to be to skate?

a) The great thing about skating is that there is no age limit! If you can walk, you can skate. However, there are always some limitations. We carry skate sizes down to a toddler’s size 7. Anything smaller would require that your child have their own skates, but they are still welcome to skate.

5) Do you have the walkers/frames/racks/helper things (Skate Mate)?

a) Yes! Skate Mates are available to rent for beginner skaters. They are $5 each, with a $10 deposit required.

6) Do you offer skating lessons?

a) Sadly, no. However, most of our floorguards are very well versed in skating, and are more than happy to give tips and pointers to beginner skaters, time permitting.

7) How much does it cost to skate?

a) Our prices are different for each session. Please see our Schedule page for current sessions and pricing.

8) What forms of payment do you accept?

a) We accept cash, as well as all major credit cards for ADMISSIONS ONLY. Once inside, our registers accept CASH ONLY. No checks, please.

9) What if I don’t have any cash? Do you have an ATM?

a) We do not have an ATM; however, we are able to process a cash withdrawal for you at our front ticket counter. This can be done while purchasing your admission at no additional cost, or at any time during your visit with a $20.00 minimum withdrawal and a $1.50 fee.

10) Do you offer rain checks/refunds?

a) Another plus of skating is that we can roll rain or shine. We do not offer any refunds.

11) Can I drop my child off?

a) We do allow parents to drop off children ages 12 and up. It is recommended that younger children be supervised when visiting us. Minors are not permitted to leave the facility without a parent or guardian.

12) Can I bring my backpack in with me?

a) We do not permit any backpacks or duffle bags to be brought into the facility. Any large bags or purses that may be brought in are subject to search both upon entry and exit of the facility.

13) Where can I put my stuff?

a) We have lockers available for rental. They are $0.50 every time you lock them, and are coin operated.

14) Do you offer birthday parties?

a) Yes! Birthday parties are our specialty. Check out our Birthday Parties page for more info.

15) How can I book a party?

a) You can book a party with us online, over the phone, or in person at the rink.

16) Can I bring in a cake?

a) With party reservations made, you may bring in a cake or cupcakes, but no other outside food or drink is permitted. You must have reservations to bring a cake.

17) Can I bring my own food?

a) No. There is no outside food or drink permitted in the building, except for a cake or cupcakes with party reservations ONLY.

18) Do you sell food?

a) Yes. We have a full-service snack bar open during every public session. View our menu here. Keep in mind, our registers inside are CASH ONLY.

19) Do you serve alcohol?

a) No. Alcohol and skating are not the best of friends. Skating is a high-risk activity, and as such, should not be attempted while under the influence.

20) Do you have Wi-Fi?

a) Yes. We offer free Wi-Fi for all of our guests. Simply join the network “BCRRGuest” and follow the prompts to connect.